Posted: 25.08.2021 16:45:00

Lukashenko: on responsibility of schools and families

Speaking at the Republican Pedagogical Council, the President commented upon the distribution of responsibility for a child in the educational process 


“Look, when people choose the profession of a teacher, they – as great Sukhomlinsky once said – should give their hearts to children… A real teacher will never share the responsibility for a child between the school and the family – but involve parents in the process, making them allies for the entire period of education,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said, adding, “I’ll put it clearly: we all – society, schools, parents, including the President and a kindergarten cleaning lady – are responsible for our children’s moral and spiritual development. There are no other options and there can not be any.”

The Head of State supported the idea of developing the Parent Universities project, saying, “This is a well-known form of working with parents. These are teachers – with their professional knowledge of pedagogy, psychology and didactics – who will help them in the issues of raising a child. This practice should be extended to the entire system. Parents who are used to sorting out relations with teachers should go there, to thematic meetings – start working with the school in tandem. The child's study, school adaptation and socialisation are the responsibility of parents as well.”

The President added: much depends on the family since the attitude to study and teachers are formed there. “A child will always feel comfortable in a kindergarten or a school if parents are initially positive towards teachers. However, before demanding something from teachers, parents should first of all answer the question of what they have done for the school where their child sometimes spends more time than at home – or, to be more clear, what they have done for their child,” stressed the Head of State.