Posted: 31.01.2023 12:06:00

Lebedev: Ukraine de jure remains part of CIS, but withdrew from about 20% of agreements

Ukraine de jure remains a part of the CIS, but the Ukrainian leadership has decided to withdraw from a number of agreements, thus leaving about 20 percent of the agreements within the CIS – as stated by CIS Secretary General Sergei Lebedev during this year’s first meeting of the Council of Permanent Plenipotentiaries of the CIS Member States at the Statutory and Other Bodies of the Commonwealth under the chairmanship of Kyrgyzstan

Sergei Lebedev explained the decision of the Ukrainian authorities by the fact that they considered that Kiev’s participation in these agreements had lost its relevance, “They still remain in other agreements. Unfortunately, representatives of Ukraine do not participate in the meetings of our structures, supreme bodies and sectoral councils.”

The CIS Secretary General expressed the hope that the situation that has arisen in Ukraine will end with the achievement of peace agreements on the terms of negotiations.