Posted: 29.06.2022 09:53:00

Lavrov: the more weapons are pumped into Ukraine, the longer the conflict will continue

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov commented on the US intention to supply NASAMS missile defence systems to Ukraine, saying that actions of the kind will prolong the Russia-Ukraine conflict, RIA Novosti reports


Mr. Lavrov stressed that the conflict would not stop until the United States ceases supplying weapons to Ukraine. According to him, in times when the US authorities are not ready to stop providing military assistance to Kiev, civilians are suffering from shelling.

“The more weapons – designed to prolong the conflict and the suffering of civilians who constantly live under the Ukrainian regime’s shelling – are pumped, the more tasks we will perform on the ground. These tasks will be fulfilled," the Russian Foreign Minister stated.

Mr. Lavrov added that European politicians have recently regularly expressed their opinion on the inadmissibility of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine – calling this ‘schizophrenia’. “Such kind of schizophrenia is being manifested here to a certain extent,” he said.