Posted: 27.01.2023 10:29:00

Karpenko: we’re interested in Russian experience of holding elections

“Of course, we are interested in the experience of the Russian Federation in terms of the digitalisation of the processes that take place there, as well as information security and the security of the electoral system as a whole,” Igor Karpenko, the Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Belarus, told journalists before the start of a round table discussion devoted to the experience and prospects for the development of the electoral process. The discussion of this important issue was taking place at the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus with the participation of the delegation of the Electoral Commission of Russia’s Leningrad Region.

“Earlier, we’ve agreed with our Russian colleagues that we would share up-to-date information, experience and developments that are in the electoral processes,” Igor Karpenko said. “Today, when we have a delegation from the Leningrad Region, we use this opportunity to share their experience, primarily, with the listeners of the courses that we have organised for potential participants in the electoral processes. These are the people who – as subjects of electoral processes – make certain decisions: they form commissions, organise polling stations, etc. Therefore, we agreed to hold a round table discussion at which our listeners will have the opportunity to ask questions of interest.”

Moreover, in the second reading, the deputies of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly adopted amendments to the Electoral Code of Belarus. On January 30th, the Council of the Republic is to consider the code innovations.

“In fact, we are entering the finish line,” the CEC Chairman said. “After the code is signed by the Head of State, after a certain time it will come into effect. In accordance with the updated code, we will be preparing an important electoral campaign: the single voting day, which will be held in 2024.”