Posted: 30.08.2023 14:56:00

Karankevich: Belarus ranked first worldwide in terms of peat extraction and peat briquette production

Belarus’ Energy Minister Viktor Karankevich spoke about this on the eve of the Day of Oil, Gas and Fuel Industry Workers

According to him, about 2 million tonnes of peat are extracted annually in the country. More than 1 million tonnes of peat products are manufactured from it. Peat accounts for about 15 percent in the total share of the use of local fuels.

This year, about 2 million tonnes of peat have already been extracted, which is 86 percent of the plan with an annual target of 2.3 million tonnes. Viktor Karankevich added, “505 thousand tonnes of briquettes and dried peat were produced. All the country’s needs for peat products are completely met.”

He stressed that the work is being actively carried out to expand sales markets and the range of products. In particular, the Asian market is being actively developed, “Last year, we sent the first train with peat produce to China. Literally this week will be sent the second train.”

Moreover, peat plants are also implementing import-substituting projects. For example, on the basis of the Berezovskoye peat briquette production department of Brestoblgaz unitary enterprise, the production of cover soil for mushrooms with a capacity of 40 thousand tonnes per year was launched.

Today, the peat industry in the system of the Energy Ministry is represented by 18 organisations employing over 3,000 people.