Karankevich: Belarus ranked first worldwide in terms of peat extraction and peat briquette production

... 2 million tonnes of peat are extracted annually in the ... than 1 million tonnes of peat products are manufactured from ... about 2 million tonnes of peat have already been extracted, which ... tonnes of briquettes and dried peat were produced. All the ... country’s needs for peat products are completely met.” ... sent the first train with peat produce to China. Literally ... the second train.” Moreover, peat plants are also implementing import ... the basis of the Berezovskoye peat briquette production department of ...

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Belarus mined 2.4m tonnes of peat in 2022

... noted by the Energy Ministry, peat is Belarusian gold, because it ... extracted 2.4m tonnes of peat [this year], and they are ... about 1.3m tonnes of peat fuel. The rest of the ... peat will be used for the ... , a new facility to produce peat cover soils has been launched ...

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Energy Ministry: Belarus produced 1.5 times more peat this year

... and a half times more peat than last year – as noted ... He named the amount of peat extracted, “This year, 2.4 ... million tonnes of peat have been extracted – almost 1 ... than 600,000 tonnes of peat briquettes have been produced, which ...

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Belarus’ first railway train loaded with 1,200 tonnes of peat headed to China

... geography of supplies of Belarusian peat products has been expanding since ... departure of the first Belarusian peat train to China The solemn ... the Kolyadichi station. “Exports of peat products made 154,000 tonnes ... ,” Mr. Kushnarenko said. Speaking about peat supplies to China, he noted ... Beltopgaz enterprises had previously supplied peat there in single small batches ... customs administration and to export peat products in the future. “This ... the world in terms of peat extraction. These products enjoy demand ...

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Peat production in Belarus growing

... extracted two million tonnes of peat – as informed by Valery Kovalev ... Enterprise According to the official, peat extraction is progressing at a ... , about 2.3m tonnes of peat are planned to be extracted ... briquettes and artificially dried milled peat, as well as 83,000 ... tonnes of bale peat and 58,500 tonnes of ... crowned with a traditional festival: Peat Dozhinki.

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Chinese companies investigate possibilities for importing Belarusian peat

... of co-operation in the peat industry – mostly focusing on the ... supplies of Belarusian high-bog peat to the Chinese market, the ... the world in terms of peat extraction, and the country leads ... globally in terms of peat briquettes production. This industry not ... JSC is among Belarus’ major peat processing companies. It specialises in ... production of peat products of fuel and non ...

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Belarus’ peat production needs to be intensified

... a EU proposal to curtail peat extraction, Belarus needs to ... and in-depth processing of peat – taking into account world ... Assembly on Agrarian Policy, believes Photo by Yuri Mozolevsky “The ... peak of peat extraction in Belarus was registered ... the key exporters of Belarusian peat. “Peat briquettes are about 2. ... have become seriously interested in peat as a compost, a ... exported almost 2m tonnes of peat – more than Germany. However, ... and recommended Latvia to curtail peat extraction by 2030. In ...


Belarus offers Georgia co-operation in peat industry

... Energy Ministry's Telegram channel Photo: Mr. ... 4th globally in terms of peat extraction. Thanks to modernisation of ... diverse machinery and equipment for peat extraction and processing. A range ... of peat products – exported to more than ... Ministry’s press service, Belarusian peat plants work over the expansion ... experience in the peat sector and exports of peat products and equipment ... for peat extraction to Georgia ...

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