Posted: 28.12.2021 11:55:00

It is in Poland's interests to be friends with Belarus

In his talk with Alfa Radio, a deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus – Oleg Gaidukevich – said that it is in Poland’s interests to be friends with Belarus and develop economic liaisons with it

“Poland is very dependent on the USA. There is no miracle of the Polish economy, these are fairy tales. In fact, all these are US direct investments but they are not free. Over the years when millions of Dollars were invested in Poland, the task was to make it an outpost of the United States in the European Union in order to defend the US interests in the EU and to fiercely oppose Belarus and Russia. Poland’s leadership in the European Union and unification of Ukraine, the Baltic States and Belarus around it was a global geopolitical dream of American and Polish elites… Our government and the Belarusian people killed this dream of Poland in 2020. There will never be [a new RzeczPospolita]; we will not allow it to be done,” Mr. Gaidukevich stressed.

According to the deputy, there is an internal struggle in Poland now since not everyone agrees to follow the US orders, “There is a part of the elite that wants independence. Do you think Lithuanians do not understand that they have lost their sovereignty? This country cannot make any independent decision. Look at the recent steps: they have quarrelled with China and are now spoiling economic relations with Belarus.”

“Lithuanian politicians are not responsible for their words. Moreover, they even cannot say anything on their own. They simply repeat the words of Washington. They were told to quarrel with China and, accordingly, they recognised Taiwan, [as a result of which] they lost China and Russia. [Lithuanians] pay great sums for housing and communal services instead of buying Belarusian electricity,” Mr. Gaidukevich added.

The deputy believes Polish elites also understand that their country has lost its sovereignty and independence. They realise that what the Polish government is doing now in relation to Belarus and Russia is contrary to the state’s national interests.

“It is in Poland's interests to be friends with Belarus and develop economic liaisons with it. After all, the whole of Bialystok and the Polish border territories lived well thanks to us. Borders will open sooner or later, sanctions will be lifted, but they will never return Belarusians if they are pursuing such a policy,” Mr. Gaidukevich summed up.