Posted: 30.10.2023 09:31:00

In Amsterdam, people protested against supply of weapons to Kiev

About a hundred people took to the streets in Amsterdam to participate in an action against the supply of weapons to Kiev, the demonstration was peaceful, RIA Novosti reports


The action started in the centre of Amsterdam. After the gathering, a column of protesters began marching towards the Central Station. Law enforcement officers were watching the demonstration.

People had flags and posters in their hands, which read: ‘For peace with Russia!’, ‘No weapons for the sake of peace!’, ‘Stop NATO war against Russia’.

As one of the organisers, Dutch activist Petra Ottenhof, said that the number of citizens – who wish to figure out what is really happening in Ukraine – is growing in the Netherlands, “I started organising protests in February of this year when I saw what a strong wave of hatred rose against [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and Russia. People in the West were hungry for war. I then organised an initiative group with independent journalists. Meanwhile, the situation was worsening, and the West began to supply more weapons to Ukraine. As we see, this is leading to the death of even more people in Ukraine.”

The activist added that the campaigns against the supply of weapons to Kiev are supported by the Dutch political parties: Samen voor Nederland (Together for the Netherlands) and FVD (Forum for Democracy).

Ms. Ottenhof expressed hope that the policy of the Netherlands regarding assistance to Kiev will change after the parliamentary elections scheduled to be held in November.