Posted: 01.02.2023 15:33:00

In 2022, Bellesbumprom enterprises increased exports to Russia by 1.5 times

Bellesbumprom enterprises increased their exports to Russia 1.5 times last year, BelTA reports

According to Bellesbumprom’s press secretary Svetlana Shiyan, Russia is one of the key trade-economic partners of the concern enterprises. In 2022, deliveries to the Russian Federation increased by one and a half times, the spokeswoman noted.

All types of products manufactured by enterprises are exported to 68 regions of the neighbouring country. In 2022, exports of board products, furniture, paper and cardboard increased significantly.

Bellesbumprom is actively working to expand the geography of deliveries, including to non-CIS states. Now exports supplies are carried out in 69 states. For the first time, the produce of the enterprises went to Kuwait, Palestine, Kenya, Tunisia, Peru, Mexico and Ecuador.