Posted: 19.04.2023 13:04:00

In 2022, 25 projects – with $21bn – from EAEU industrialisation map implemented

The Eurasian Economic Commission, on the proposals of its member states, is updating the EAEU industrialisation map on an ongoing basis – as noted during an online briefing by EEC official representative Iya Malkina

According to her, last year, twenty-five projects – worth over $21bn – from the industrialisation map were implemented in the automotive, machine tool, electrical, chemical, metallurgical industries and other industries.

“These are, e.g., projects for the production of sulphate bleached pulp in the amount of 270,000 tonnes per year and the production of cardboard in the amount of 200,000 tonnes per year, the construction of a mining and processing complex based on the Shalkiya ore deposit in the Kyzylorda Region in Kazakhstan, the production of light commercial KAMI Nimble vehicles in Kyrgyzstan with a design capacity of 1,200 units of vehicles per year, a Russian project in co-operation with Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant for the production of off-road cranes with a lifting capacity of 100 tonnes or more on a wheeled chassis and other projects.

According to her, work on the implementation of projects from the EAEU industrialiiation map continues in 2023.

“Thus, according to the Belneftekhim Concern, a project of Belshina JSC has been implemented to create the production of solid steel cord tyres up to 63 inches for dump trucks and mining equipment. According to the information provided to the EEC by the Russian Energy Ministry, projects in the energy sector are also being implemented, which is also important for the development of industry in the EAEU. In particular, a Lukoil project to create a complex for deep oil refining was implemented.

Iya Malkina added that the Economy Ministry of Belarus proposed adding five more projects to the industrialisation map in the production of metal products, petrochemistry and building materials industry.

“These and other proposals of our countries will be considered at the next meeting of the commission on co-operation and import substitution in priority and high-tech industries within the EAEU, chaired by Artak Kamalyan, Member of the Board (Minister) for Industry and Agribusiness of the Eurasian Economic Commission.