Posted: 10.03.2022 16:18:00

Gomel volunteers prepare humanitarian aid for families from Ukraine

Refugees continue arriving to Belarus from Ukraine, and caring citizens try to render the necessary assistance to those in need


Volunteers of the Kind Heart movement of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union (BRYU) have joined the humanitarian campaign and, according to the first secretary of the BRYU Gomel Regional Committee, Veronika Gudkova, the public organisation has many useful things that can be shared with people who experience hard times now.

“The youth of the Gomel branch of the Republican Youth Union have collected humanitarian aid for Ukrainian children and their parents – which includes hygiene products and toys – and handed it over to the Gomel regional organisation of the Belarusian Red Cross Society. As needed, volunteers will deliver these goods to those in need. We hope this modest help of our citizens, primary organisations and activists will prove to be useful,” Ms. Gudkova added.