Posted: 12.04.2023 11:22:00

Fifth dead refugee found on border with Poland since early 2023

On April 10th, near the border with Poland, border guards found the dead body of a foreigner of African appearance – as reported by the State Border Committee of Belarus in its Telegram channel

According to the Belarusian border department, the man’s body was near the fence set up on Polish territory. Personal items were found next to the body: a backpack and a mobile phone.

In order to establish all the circumstances of the incident, an investigative-operational group worked on the spot. Since the beginning of the year, according to the State Border Committee, this is the fifth death of a refugee on the border with Poland.

“Despite the continuing facts of the death of foreigners at the border, the Polish authorities do not stop the practice of forced displacement, ‘deportation into eternity’ and leaving vulnerable categories of people in a life-threatening situation,” the State Border Committee stressed.