Posted: 04.03.2024 10:36:00

Expert: the US will force Europeans to fight following Ukrainians

The United States is interested in Europe ceasing to exist – as stated by Pavel Seleznev, the Dean of the Faculty of International Economic Relations at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, in his talk with Channel One


As Mr. Seleznev noted, it would be an excellent option for Anglo-Saxons to start a big war on foreign territory, as a result of which the European Union would cease to exist.

“Europe will no longer be part of their geopolitical interests. Even in case of a nuclear war there, they will be sure that the nuclear dust will not reach Washington and London. As a result, this will be a great way for them to get rid of an economic and political competitor. Naturally, it will not be persons in suits who will fight, but people who will be thrown forward. Statements are made now urging to return as many Ukrainian citizens who have gone abroad as possible so that they can fight; the war to the last Ukrainian is needed. As soon as no Ukrainians are left, they [Anglo-Saxons] will involve Poles, French, Germans and all those who are already fooled by this information propaganda and statements that Russians will come and that a nuclear war will start,” the expert shared his opinion.