Posted: 29.02.2024 10:58:00

Expert: confronting Russia, West realised that it couldn’t subjugate entire world

In his talk with the ONT TV channel, Aleksei Avdonin, an analyst of the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research (BISR), stated that the West – confronting a huge colossus in the face of Russia and its allies – realised that it does not control the whole world

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According to the expert, the West hoped that with its cunning manoeuvres – an attempted coup in Belarus in 2020 and the seizure of the Black Sea region – it would achieve its historical goals, pursued for the last two centuries, “However, having started this campaign, the West eventually came to a dead end. Countries understood that they don’t have enough resources to do this. The West is confronted with a huge colossus in the face of Russia and its allies. It realised that it could not control the entire world, that the world is not subordinate to it. This is a major shock for the collective West.”

Aleksei Avdonin said that Western countries have only one scenario left: to further escalate the situation.

“They have already staked everything, actually: they will either lose or at least win something. Nevertheless, European leaders have an understanding that if they take another strategic step towards Russia, this could end not just in the repartition of Ukraine, but also in the repartition of all of Europe,” the expert summed up.