Posted: 11.10.2023 17:00:00

Expert commented on whether it is possible to improve Belarus-Poland relations

Belarus and Poland need to build normal relations – as stated by Ivan Eismont, the Chairman of the Belarusian State TV and Radio Company, in his talk with Alfa Radio

Mr. Eismont considers normal relations between Minsk and Warsaw are especially important for the residents of Poland. “In the medium term, we have no other way but to maintain normal relations. This [aggressive mood] would be stupidity and a crime, and first of all in relation to the Polish people. Warsaw is going to close the border, and we predicted that a long time ago. I am sure they will go all the way, not counting nuclear weapons. They will use all means and methods to continue the escalation between the collective West and the Union State. I am closely watching what is happening in Poland. They have several horror points. This is [the leader of the Polish opposition, former head of the European Council Donald] Tusk, who will come and ruin Poland; he almost ruined it in the past. He is getting the blame for everything,” the expert explained.

According to Mr. Eismont, Poland is looking for those responsible for its problems not only within the country, but also abroad, “Russia and Belarus are next in line, as well as the Ostrovets nuclear power plant. The Polish TV says the latter does not meet any standards, and it was built with violations. At the same time, there is an official statement from the IAEA that there are no problematic issues with the Ostrovets NPP. Our broadcasting is prohibited on the territory of Poland, so Polish viewers and readers cannot learn of how everything was developing, if they are not specifically interested in this issue. A wonderful decision was made for this purpose: the introduction of a visa-free regime. Hundreds of thousands of people from the Baltic States and Poland have visited Belarus, and this is a wild pain of the Polish Government. They do not know what to do with it. They cannot violate the rights of Poles to freedom of movement yet, but they desperately want to fully close the border. Meanwhile, people from Belarus come and say that they are told completely different things.”