Posted: 27.12.2023 16:54:00

Expert: Belarus co-operates directly with African countries in potassium sales

The transit of potassium through Lithuania and Poland has been suspended because of the sanctions, and the entire African continent has been brought to the brink of famine. The share of Belarusian potassium in the African market previously exceeded 40% percent, and it is now less than 3 percent. As a result of the sanctions, these fertilisers are not present there, and grain production has decreased by 16 percent. In his talk with the Belarus 1 TV channel, political expert Piotr Petrovsky explained how that pressure pushed Belarus to directly liaison with African countries.

According to the expert, coups in African countries are due to the lack of potassium.

“This summer, three coups took place in Africa precisely because of the pro-French governments, which had brought their countries to the point when they received no potassium,” Mr. Petrovksy noted. “We see that Belarus’ President is starting to work directly with countries on potassium, agriculture, and industry – and agricultural clusters are being created. Even the machinery that should serve these agricultural facilities will be jointly produced in these states. What have the Western ‘masters’ got as a result? Let me remind you that Equatorial Guinea is a zone of influence of France, and Kenya is a zone of influence of the United Kingdom. These countries have demonstrated that they do not join the sanctions and act contrary to them. Belarus, for its part, now works with them not through any European intermediaries, but directly.”