Posted: 27.04.2022 11:13:00

Eternal values

Aleksandr Lukashenko celebrated Easter with fellow countrymen in his small homeland. President visited the Transfiguration Church in Kopys.

On this holiday, the Head of State spoke about something that is of great value not only for Belarusians, but for all peoplekind, 
“Let’s cherish peace… I always said: nothing is needed in case of a war. And these requests and demands of the Belarusian people — if only there were no war — sound so topical today. That is why, in the name of peace, in the name of normal life and friendship, I would like to appeal primarily to our neighbours: let us live in harmony.”

On Easter, Aleksandr Lukashenko traditionally visits small churches located, as a rule, outside of Minsk. The Transfiguration Church in Kopys, Orsha District is cosy and intimate. A two-domed church in the tradition of wooden architecture was erected on the site of the former one, founded on the banks of the Dnieper River more than 300 years ago. Once or twice a century it was rebuilt. The previous temple was built here in 1947. The building began to deteriorate over time. Reconstruction began in October 2017, and on August 19th, 2018, a service was already served in the new church. 
Aleksandr Lukashenko shared his warm childhood memories with the parishioners, “Many times the boys and I came to the church that stood on this place and looked at our mothers who came here to celebrate this holy day… 
This holiday has always given people hope, hope for justice and happiness. Hope still lives in our hearts, in every person — not only in Belarus. As people say, a person will not always live in hope, but there is definitely no happiness without hope.”
The Head of State compared the Easter holiday with the Victory Day, “These two great holidays are always in the soul, always in the heart of our people. It is customary to celebrate this bright holiday in the circle of relatives and friends. This is the reason that I came today to this holy native land, where I was born.”

Speaking with parishioners, the President stressed that the main thing today is peace, harmony, friendship, which have always been key characteristic of Belarusians. In the temple, Aleksandr Lukashenko reminded both of the need to protect our land and the fact how often, especially the so-called opposition members, used to tease him and our compatriots about the phrase ‘if only there were no war’... But times are already different: the value of peace and normal life now humanity must rethink anew. The President drew special attention to this, addressing the neighbours of our country, 
“Let us live in harmony. I would like to ask my colleague-politicians: let’s not get mad, let’s not create problems for our people. There are enough of them at present. 
Just look at what is happening with neighbouring Lithuania and Latvia, the Poles. I’m not talking about Ukraine in this case. They were so happy, they were so cheerful, they lived in such a ‘prosperous’ world. They had everything. And where are they today? They stand along the borders and ask us to let them into Belarus — at least to buy buckwheat. Cereals would be a different matter — but they ask us for salt. We, as noble people, open this border, and especially on the eve of religious holidays — Catholic, Orthodox Easter... Come in, your people are here. The border should not blockade the normal life, including of our neighbours’ as well. We always treat people in a neighbourhood and human way, as we say. And the only thing I want is to have the same attitude towards us.”

Protect our native land

Aleksandr Lukashenko addressed his compatriots with an important request, 
“I want to tell Belarusians: our happiness is in our country — we need to preserve our land. Today in this temple, addressing my fellow countrymen, the Belarusians, I would like to ask them, demand, as the President if you like: take care of Belarus. If you lose your land — you will have neither health nor happiness. You will have neither money, nor salt, nor your children. It is of high importance to take care of Belarus. 
We all understand when we lose something in our home. Belarus is a big home of ours. Remember: if we do not have our big home, we will not have our small one, either. If we fall to our knees, our Orthodox churches won’t exist either, as has always been the case in the history of our country.”
The President emphasised that Christ sacrificed himself for people, “It is a lesson to us. We must learn to sacrifice for what is most important to us — for the sake of people. I would like you to always appreciate these sacrificers as we appreciate Him. Unfortunately, we don’t have many people who know how to sacrifice not just themselves but their own. However, there are more and more of them today. If we appreciate these people, there will be many. At least enough. We need to appreciate, love and respect them. This is the philosophy of life.”
Aleksandr Lukashenko donated an icon to the temple. The President expressed individual words of gratitude to the clergy,
 “Thank you — those who believe for people, who live for people, who sacrifice their time and their health. As the Head of State, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Be always with your people. There are no more devoted clergymen in the world than in Belarus. And there are also no more honest ones anywhere else. 
This is because we still keep that bright, untouched and unadulterated that we have inherited from our ancestors.”

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