Posted: 01.02.2023 13:28:00

Erdogan said Macron is not qualified to lead the country

As noted by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the French leader has no qualifications to head the state, RIA Novosti reports


The Turkish leader said that the French authorities are exploiting African countries. “At the same time, Burkina Faso has already given a month for the withdrawal of French soldiers. I assume that Togo will do the same," Recep Erdogan is quoted as saying by the Turkish publication Star.

The Turkish President noted that he had repeatedly met with his French counterpart, but the latter was ‘not entirely honest’. "Where there is no honesty, there is no trust. Of course, there are many such leaders in the world, and there are also many different words that I have told him,” Recep Erdogan stressed, adding that – due to the actions of Emmanuel Macron – the image of France is deteriorating within the international community.