Posted: 05.01.2023 09:31:00

Die Welt: German citizens gripped by pessimism and fears for their well-being

There has recently been an increase in pessimistic sentiments and fears for their well-being among Germans, RIA Novosti reports with reference to Die Welt


According to a consumer confidence survey, due to rising prices for electricity and necessary goods, Germans are starting to save more than before. "Inflation and the associated increase in the cost of living are now putting an enormous pressure on people," the source says.

It is noted that almost every fourth out of a thousand respondents admitted that their financial condition had deteriorated significantly. In addition, 56 percent of respondents said they do not believe that the situation will improve in the future. A year earlier, that figure was 22 percent lower, and before the coronavirus pandemic, it made about 20 percent.

"It seems no improvements are likely," Die Welt emphasises.