Posted: 16.10.2023 09:37:00

Dead Iranian refugee found on Belarusian-Polish border

On October 12th, Belarusian border guards discovered a dead 32-year-old refugee from Iran, with an acquaintance standing over his body, in the Kamenets District – as reported by the Investigative Committee of Belarus in its Telegram channel

An eyewitness to the events said that they were in Poland for several days. His friend needed insulin therapy, and – having lost all his strength – he could not move independently. Polish security forces discovered the refugees and, instead of providing medical assistance, ordered the 29-year-old man to drag the exhausted refugee to the fence. He failed to survive and died on the shoulders of his friend. Without ceremony, Polish security forces pushed the refugees into Belarus through an animal gate.

The investigation of the incident was entrusted to the Kamenets District Department of Belarus’ Investigative Committee.

“The tacit consent of the Polish authorities to the inhumanity of uniformed mercenaries towards refugees continues to be shocking. Having endowed themselves with exclusive powers to divide people into ‘right’ people and everyone else, armed patrols leave no chance of survival for those fleeing wars, chaos and devastation. The ruthlessness of the actions of the ‘border guards’, for whom the lives of refugees are worthless, would definitely be praised by the ideologists of fascism,” the Investigative Committee noted.

According to information from Belarus’ State Border Committee, since early 2023, Belarusian border guards have recorded nine deaths of refugees on the border with Poland.