Posted: 20.03.2023 15:49:00

Crushed radioactive capsule found in Thailand

A long-lost radioactive capsule has been found in Thailand. As reported by Bloomberg, it is crushed and now may threaten the health of the country’s residents.


Local officials say that a 25kg cylinder containing Caesium-137 was found in the eastern province of Thailand, Prachin Buri, on March 19th. According to Governor Ronnarong Nakornjinda, Caesium-137 was detected at a smelting factory. It is not known whether the release of radiation affected the health of workers evacuated after the closure of the plant.

“The radioactive cylinder of the capsule could melt and turn into ‘red dust’,” the Director General of Thailand’s Department of Industrial Works, Jullapong Thaveesri, said in an interview with a local TV channel. “Workers found Caesium in dust particles at the plant, although there was no radioactivity in any steel material.” According to him, they are still trying to confirm whether the dust containing radiation has spread to other processing plants.

The loss of the cylinder, which was used to measure ash, was first reported on March 10th after a routine inspection by workers at a coal-fired power plant. Extensive searches in the area followed, with drones and hundreds of employees involved. A $3,000 reward was also offered to anyone who could find the capsule or knew about its location.