Posted: 14.11.2022 12:14:00

China sent 2m more doses of coronavirus vaccine to Belarus

The Chinese government has sent 2m doses of the Sinopharm Corporation (Vero Cell) coronavirus vaccine and the same number of disposable syringes to Belarus – as informed by the Belarusian diplomatic mission in China

The agreement on the transfer of 2m doses of the vaccine to Belarus was reached during a meeting of the presidents of Belarus and China – Aleksandr Lukashenko and Xi Jinping – at the SCO Council of Heads of State in Samarkand on September 15th, 2022.

According to the Belarusian diplomatic mission, in 2021-2022, a total of about 5m doses of this vaccine have been sent by China to Belarus – taking into account the new batch. Belarus has also purchased more than 4.6m doses from its partners.