Posted: 16.02.2023 09:46:00

Borrell offered to conduct parallel negotiations on Ukraine and supply weapons to Kiev

Arms deliveries and diplomatic efforts on Ukraine could go hand in hand – as noted by EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell, RIA Novosti reports


During a speech to the deputies of the European Parliament at the plenary session in France, the politician said, “I must say that military assistance does not contradict the diplomatic path, it can happen in parallel. I don’t understand those who say that for negotiations it is necessary to stop helping Ukraine. On the contrary, one must do both.”

Josep Borrell called for the supply of weapons necessary for Kiev, noting that ‘WWIII did not happen after the announcement of the sending of tanks’.

Earlier, US Army Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis expressed the opinion that new arms supplies from NATO member states will not help Ukraine during the conflict, despite the expectations of the West and Kiev. Having more sophisticated equipment is not enough to be successful, he said.