Posted: 26.03.2024 09:53:00

Borrell admitted EU acting not out of love for Ukrainians

The European Union is supporting Ukraine based on its own interests rather than out of love for the Ukrainian people – as noted by top EU diplomat Josep Borrell, TASS reports


In an interview with CNN, Josep Borrell said, “We cannot afford for Russia to win this war. Otherwise, US and European interests will be damaged.” He stressed that it isn’t a matter of generosity alone, it isn’t a matter of support for Ukraine, ‘because we love the Ukrainian people’. According to Josep Borrell, this is in the interests of the EU and the US as a global player – someone who has to be perceived as a reliable partner, a security provider to the allies, and that’s the EU urged the US to open and approve the supplementary budget. At the same time, Borrell added that the EU was making every possible effort ‘to support Ukraine more and quicker’.

Earlier, following the results of the EU summit held on March 22nd, it was announced that the European Union intends to speed up and intensify its deliveries of military aid to the Kiev regime. The document underlines for the first time that the EU will help Ukraine as intensively as necessary.