Posted: 13.04.2022 16:53:00

BELAZ presented 90-tonne dump truck with gas piston engine

BELAZ has assembled a prototype of its 90-tonne dump truck equipped with a gas piston engine. In the near future, acceptance tests will be carried out – to complete in autumn.

As informed by the company, liquefied natural gas vehicles are a focus of BELAZ innovative development. Gas projects are under development with regard to mono-fuel trucks that consume natural gas and bi-fuel dump trucks operating in a gas-diesel mode.

"Two projects are being implemented at once in the 90-tonne payload segment: a dump truck equipped with a gas piston engine and a dump truck operating on the basis of a gas turbine engine," the company informed.

The first 90-tonne BELAZ gas dump truck was produced over three years ago, and its quarry tests demonstrated that emissions of harmful substances are ten-fold lower and fuel costs are almost two-times less compared to the same dump truck equipped with a diesel engine.