Posted: 04.02.2022 18:00:00

Belarusian scientists to develop COVID drug this year

Yelena Kalinchenko, the Deputy Director for Scientific and Innovative Work at the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences’ Bioorganic Chemistry Institute explains that the pharmaceutical company she heads – ChemPharmSynthesis – never stops developing new products and, this year, the list of its targeted drugs for cancer treatment will expand. So far, the state spends much money to import these medicines but, by late 2022, two more drugs will be ready for further registration.

Among the new medicines of ChemPharmSynthesis is a drug against coronavirus infection. “It has passed quick registration in the UK, USA, and is approved in Denmark and India. The drug has been in use since 2021. This is a fairly active pharmaceutical form based on nucleotides; it has proved effective. Since we have been working closely with nucleotides for a long time, this is not a problem for us. We have already developed the substance and will soon get down to the pharmaceutical form itself. The drug will be submitted for registration this year,” Ms. Kalinchenko says.