Posted: 06.06.2023 17:04:00

Belarus’ tractor assembled under GANDAGANDA brand first on show at expo in South Africa

A Belarusian tractor assembled under the South African brand GANDAGANDA was demonstrated for the first time at one of the oldest and largest agricultural exhibitions on the African continent: Pietermaritzburg’s Royal Show, in KwaZulu-Natal Province – as reported by the Belarusian embassy in the Republic of South Africa

The exhibition, which presented 4,000+ varieties of birds, livestock and other animals used in agriculture, was visited by the Belarusian Ambassador to South Africa Aleksandr Sidoruk. As part of the event, he held talks with the management of a South African company that sets an ambitious task to fill its niche in the markets of South Africa and neighbouring countries with Belarusian tractors. The Belarusian embassy noted the interest of South African farmers in Belarusian agricultural machinery as easy to use and repair, as well as reliable and durable.

Reference. More than 117,000 people from different parts of Africa visited the Royal Show exhibition. They were presented with 478 expositions of machinery, equipment, fertilisers, seeds, and processing technologies used by farms.