Posted: 30.06.2022 16:37:00

Belarus ready to share food with interested states

Agriculture is successfully developing, providing the domestic market with all necessary food products. Taking into account high demand, Belarusian food is also actively exported.

“If export-related problems emerge in the Western direction, we will be able to promptly reorient logistics chains jointly with our Russian partners to ensure uninterrupted sales through Russian seaports. The issues of logistics based on formation of a common distribution network, activation of work on the markets of third countries through joint promotion of goods produced in the EAEU states are currently being studied,” Belarus’ Deputy Agriculture and Food Minister, Vadim Shagoiko, said.

According to the official, the state will make every effort to maintain food security – by establishing new production facilities, developing and producing necessary components and materials. If the domestic market is sufficiently secured, the increased production will make it possible to extend exports and, accordingly, generate additional profit.

“The Belarusian agricultural sector will retain its place among the leading global food exporters if the country ensures co-ordinated approaches with the friendly countries in the East and the states with which it still does not want to conflict, and if necessary measures are developed at the state level,” Mr. Shagoiko added. “Belarus is ready to share its available surplus of food, technologies and scientific approaches with all interested states. In difficult times in the past – when they experienced serious food-related problems, Belarus did not refuse supplies and assistance to anyone, thus confirming its status of a friendly, reliable neighbour and partner.”