Posted: 23.03.2022 14:11:00

Volfovich: Belarus’ national security concept being revised

As informed by the State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus, Aleksandr Volfovich, this process is being run in line with the amendments and additions adopted at the nationwide constitutional referendum in February

“The updated Constitution does not yet provide for a new military doctrine, but this is possible in the future. As of today, the military doctrine envisages settlement of the national security tasks and protection of the country. Based on the new Constitution, we are currently working on reforming the national security concept – proceeding from the emergence of new risks, challenges and threats. The world is moving forward, and biological safety issues are coming to the fore now. There are also some other issues that require adequate response measures. With this in view, a comprehensive work dealing with the revision of the national security concept is in full swing. In the near future, it will be reported to the President of Belarus, and will then be submitted to the Belarusian People's Congress for consideration,” Mr. Volfovich said today.