Posted: 26.09.2023 15:37:00

US Government: New York fails coping with influx of migrants

The White House believes that the administration of New York is not coping with migrants, while the city mayor considers the situation will destroy New York, TASS reports with reference to NBC TV channel and American officials


The media reported that, in August, the US Department of the Interior sent a team of specialists to conduct a study of the situation in the city. According to the latest information, 100 thousand people came to New York from other countries. The final figures are not yet released, but, according to the authorities, the city administration does not have sufficient forces to solve the migration crisis.

In addition, New York Mayor Eric Adams expressed the opinion that it is really difficult for the city to cope with the flow of foreigners who have settled on the streets and in shelters. “I do not see an end to it. This problem will destroy New York,” he said.

In October 2022, a state of emergency was declared in the city due to a large number of people arriving: shelters were then fully occupied. As Mr. Adams noted, 5-6 buses with illegal migrants came to the city from the southern states every day without co-ordination and prior notification.

Last year, the administrations of Texas, Arizona and Florida sent to Washington, New York and other large cities numerous buses with migrants who illegally entered the United States from Mexico. In that way, the states expressed their disagreement with the migration policy of US leader Joe Biden, which is too soft, in their opinion.