Posted: 04.08.2022 17:09:00

US business dictates foreign policy of official Washington, expert explains

The United States has been promoting its political concept around the globe for a long time. At first, it focused only on two American continents, but later almost the whole of the planet fell into the sphere of the country’s national interests. Political expert Piotr Petrovsky commented on the issue.

“The US business dictates official Washington’s foreign policy: i.e. the notorious idea of spreading democracy is nothing more than using the mechanism of elections to seize influence over a particular country. In this case, a team of American businesses and intelligence services works. Lobbyist influence groups are being formed, the existing parties are being bribed, or new parties – that are US satellites – are being created. The structures of economies are analysed, and attempts are made either to seize assets or to eliminate competitors. A corresponding programme of changes is prepared for this. The idea that the economies of the countries of interest to the United States are in crisis is being promoted. Structural and market reforms are proposed, and they are mostly focused on three points: privatisation, tax cuts, and curtailment of the welfare state,” Mr. Petrovsky explained.