Posted: 29.10.2021 15:01:00

Ulakhovich: Europeans interested in Belarus' experience

The Verona Forum is a bright page that illustrates serious changes in international economic relations, believes the Chairman of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vladimir Ulakhovich


“We can observe how new approaches pragmatically and intelligently open up a new vision of development of international economic relations. Look what is happening: interest in the steadily developing Eurasian Economic Union is growing; it is now more often viewed as a very serious and major partner – from the point of view of the market capacity, huge resources and the potential that our five countries have," Vladimir Ulakhovich stressed during his visit to the 14th Eurasian Economic Forum.

According to the official, Belarus represents a special industrial cluster in this integration association. “We are not simply a linking territory where transport and logistics projects can be implemented. Belarus retains its status of an industrial heart of the Eurasian Economic Union. The Belarusian industry is developing successfully, and this is paying dividends. In this regard, the role of the Republic opens up to many people in an absolutely new way, and we see this new attitude of businesses,” he stressed.

Mr. Ulakhovich reminded that, in 2017, the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry signed an agreement on the establishment of the Belarusian-Italian Business Council. The President of Conoscere Eurasia and Chairman of Banca Intesa, Professor Antonio Fallico, inked the document on the side of Italy. “We planned to constantly use this platform to hold meetings of business circles. I think it will take place very soon, because we have learned to work in a pandemic and without restrictions,” Mr. Ulakhovich stressed.

“On the side-lines of the Verona Forum, Europeans are interested in the Belarusian experience: how we manage to live through the pandemic without a lockdown and stopping our economic life, with growing foreign trade balance and GDP figures, and budget deficit reduction. Interest in Belarus continues growing. I think, in the near future, it will simply move to a more practical area,” he added.

Speaking of sanctions pressure, the Chairman of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry noted, “Our European partners, well-known people, heads of major campaigns and state institutions have shared their views on sanctions as part of the Verona Forum. They assert: sanctions bring no benefit to anyone. These are the tools that should be put aside and forgotten.”

On October 29th, the 14th Eurasian Economic Forum in Verona continues its work. Today, its participants focus on new opportunities for the financial and banking system in the context of the pandemic, technological innovations as engines of inclusive and sustainable socio-economic development, medicine at the forefront of the global economy, and the search for ways to overcome the neoliberal economic system.