Posted: 21.03.2023 17:01:00

UK to send depleted uranium shells to Ukraine

The UK has decided to transfer depleted uranium shells to the Kiev regime – as informed by Deputy Defence Minister Annabel Goldie, RIA Novosti reports


It is noted that depleted uranium is used in armour-piercing sub-calibre shells because of its high density and significant post-barrier destruction after armour penetration. It was used for the first time in tank shells in Nazi Germany due to the lack of denser tungsten.

Over the past year, the UK's military assistance to Ukraine amounted to about 2.3bn Pounds ($2.7bn). The package covers about 3m units of military equipment, including a batch of Challenger 2 tanks, as well as 200 other armoured vehicles, more than 10,000 anti-tank missiles, and multiple rocket launchers.