15 million people live under threat of glacial floods, researchers find

About 15 million people across the planet live in regions that could be affected by flooding caused by melting glaciers – as reported by the press service of the New Zealand University of Canterbury, TASS reports Photo: According to Thomas Robinson, one of the authors of the study and a university staff member, climate change is causing the gradual melting of glaciers and the formation of glacial lakes. As their volume grows and soil erosion increases, the threat of the so- ...

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Scientists predict large-scale loss of glaciers

An international group of scientists provided a disappointing forecast on the state of mountain glaciers on the planet: humanity faces a risk of their large-scale loss, reports PHOTO: WWW.PIXABAY.COM Experts conducted a study and concluded that if the average global temperatures become 1.5–4 degrees Celsius higher than the values of 2015, then glaciers will lose from 26 to 41 percent of their mass by 2100. This, in turn, will provoke a rise in sea level from 90 to 154mm. Mountain ...

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