Posted: 01.04.2024 17:15:00

State Quality Mark assignment procedure approved in Belarus

The procedure to assign the State Quality Mark has been approved in Belarus, with the State Committee for Standardisation (Gosstandart) sharing the details. In particular, Gosstandart First Deputy Chairperson Yelena Morgunova said that the quality mark is annually assigned to food products, industrial goods for the population, industrial and technical goods manufactured by Belarusian businesses and corresponding to the following quality indicators: safety, environmental friendliness, innovation, manufacturability, and aesthetics.

“The quality mark is not assigned to those related to tobacco products, non-tobacco nicotine-containing products, liquids for electronic smoking systems, weapons and military equipment, as well as GMO foods. In addition, the quality mark is not assigned to products, whose quality and safety were subject to claims from state control bodies during the year preceding the year of filing the application to assign the State Quality Mark,” explained the specialist.

According to Yelena Morgunova, manufacturers independently determine goods that apply for the quality mark assignment. Moreover, producers conduct at their own expense a comparative analysis of the quality indicators of products applying for a quality mark with the indicators of the best modern domestic and foreign products of a similar purpose and class.

“This should be one type of produce manufactured from a large list of mass-produced goods. Based on the results of the comparative analysis, manufacturers have the right to submit an application to assign their product the State Quality Mark. The application is accompanied by the results of a comparative analysis with evidentiary materials,” added Ms. Morgunova.

Further on, the completeness of the manufacturer’s submitted documents is verified on a collegiate basis; based on the results of this verification the documents are sent to the State Committee for Standardisation no later than May 15th.

“Afterwards, Gosstandart sends the documents to the republican commission, which assesses the products based on quality indicators. Gosstandart also posts a list of products on the Internet, informing consumers about the possibility of online voting regarding the aesthetics of these products. Everyone can partake in product evaluation,” the First Deputy Chairperson stressed.

Ms. Morgunova added that responsible authorities then evaluate the products according to basic quality indicators: safety, environmental friendliness, innovation and manufacturability. No later than August 1st, they prepare conclusions on the compliance or non-compliance of products with quality indicators, of which they notify Gosstandart. For products that meet all quality indicators, Gosstandart organises a commission meeting no later than September 20th.

“The republican commission, be headed by the PM, makes a positive or negative decision via voting after studying all the documents,” the official asserted.

The date of the State Quality Mark assignment to products is the date of adoption of the corresponding resolution by the Council of Ministers of Belarus.

“Within two years from the date of adoption of the Council of Ministers resolution on the State Quality Mark assignment, manufacturers have the right to use the quality mark when labelling their products, as well as in documents and advertising materials created in relation to these products or related to them,” the expert said.

According to Olga Bobko, who heads Gosstandart’s Administration for Conformity Assessment and Licensing, manufacturers have the right to use incentive benefits and preferences provided when assigning a quality mark.

“Preferences are aimed at helping our manufacturers promote their produce. This will also enable them to differentiate their goods from a large number of products on store shelves,” she noted.

The ceremony of awarding diplomas for the State Quality Mark assignment is usually timed to coincide with World Quality Day – celebrated this year on November 14th.