Posted: 19.03.2024 16:00:00

Sports festival dedicated to Day of Internal Troops held at Minsk’s military unit 5448

Military unit 5448 hosted the second military sports festival for boys and girls from Minsk’s military patriotic clubs dedicated to Day of the Internal Troops, reports with reference to Internal Troops of Belarus’ Interior Ministry

Photo by Internal Troops of Belarus’ Interior Ministry

Boys and girls competed in strength, accuracy, dexterity and resourcefulness, and the relay races of the teams and their captains became one of the most interesting nominations. Actually, the desire to win and the spirit of rivalry did not prevent the pupils of the military-patriotic clubs from sincerely rejoicing for the successes of all participants.

Belarus’ Deputy Interior Minister, Commander of the Internal Troops, Major General Nikolai Karpenkov, informed on the history of the event, “We always remember our heroes, and our military sports relay is dedicated to the feat of a Red Army soldier, Fiodor Ryabov, from the 132nd battalion of the NKVD troops, who – together with his comrades – was the first to repulse the Nazis in the Brest Fortress and shot down a German tank. The soldiers of the battalion fought steadfastly and stubbornly. An inscription in blood was made on a wall of the basement of the barracks of this battalion on July 20th, 1941, “I am dying, but I am not giving up. Farewell, Motherland!" The Internal Troops have always valued strong fighting spirit, camaraderie, intelligence, physical strength and steady combat skills. I wish all the participants of the relay fortitude and fighting spirit to win!”

In turn, Education Minister Andrei Ivanets stressed that graduates of the military-patriotic clubs enjoy a wide range of bonuses for continuing their studies and service. According to him, such an experience is excellent for character building of any schoolchild, in fact.

At the end of the competition, all participants were awarded special prizes by the command of the Internal Troops. Even more nominations are planned for next year – so that everyone could take part in such a memorable and interesting relay together with their team.