Posted: 22.06.2023 17:39:00

Shved: memory of war victims and heroic deed of our ancestors are spiritual basis of our society’s life

This was stated by Belarus’ Prosecutor General Andrei Shved during today’s presentation at the Defence Museum of the Brest Fortress of the book from the Library of the Union State series dedicated to war crimes against the peoples of the Soviet Union during the Great Patriotic War

He noted that eighty-four more villages were revealed, which also shared the tragic fate of Khatyn, “The memory of the victims of the war and the heroic deed of our ancestors is the spiritual basis of our society’s life and an example for all of us. During the most difficult period of the Great Patriotic War, an irreconcilable confrontation between the Soviet people and the German invaders and their accomplices unfolded in the occupied territory. It was a voluntary patriotic impulse, which contains the spirit of freedom of the Belarusian people. The nationwide resistance movement, aimed at defending the Fatherland, became a significant contribution to the common struggle of the peoples of the Soviet Union against Nazi Germany and its allies.”

Andrei Shved focused the attention of the presentation participants on the fact that some countries began to forget about the war crimes of the Nazis, “Before our eyes, including in neighbouring countries, they are demolishing and destroying monuments to soldiers-liberators, desecrating the graves of Soviet soldiers. Paramilitary organisations in these countries openly use Nazi symbols. It is in these countries that extreme nationalism and neo-Nazism are professed, marches of former SS men are officially held, certain categories of the population are limited in their rights on a national basis, and attempts are made to justify Nazi accomplices.”

The publication of this book is a tribute to the memory of the dead, contributing to the establishment and preservation of historical truth.