Posted: 08.05.2024 14:26:00

Scholz: 35,000 German troops to provide assistance to allies if necessary

About 35,000 German troops are ready to provide prompt support to the allies in case of an emergency – as stated by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz during his recent visit to Latvia, TASS reports


According to Mr. Scholz, as the security situation in the Baltic States remains tense, Germany and other allies decided to deploy additional units to their territories two years ago. He explained that this measure is necessary to significantly strengthen NATO’s eastern flank, and added that Germany is taking over the protection of airspace in Estonia, and in 2024 – in Latvia.

The German Chancellor said that the Bundeswehr would be focused on protecting North-Eastern and Central Europe. "Almost 35,000 German military personnel are ready to provide prompt support to our allies in the event of an emergency," he stressed.