Posted: 11.05.2023 16:13:00

Russian scientists develop food additives from cockroaches and worms

Biologists at Russia’s Tomsk State University plan to develop supplements with a controlled composition of nutrients based on crickets, marble cockroaches and earthworms, RIA Novosti reports

Project manager Anastasia Simakova, who heads the Department of Invertebrate Zoology at the Tomsk State University’s Biological Institute, explained, “The purpose of our research is to develop biologically active food additives based on invertebrate biomass – a rich and at the same time eco-friendly source of protein, vitamins and trace elements.”

According to the scientist, invertebrates are of interest for use as food for humans, animal feed and in biomedicine. Biologists see marble cockroaches, crickets, molluscs and earthworms as a promising source of protein and biologically active substances.

“We are not talking about replacing the usual food – such as beef, pork, chicken or other sources of protein – with invertebrates. The idea of the project is to focus on the provision of humans with the vital elements that we do not receive in full because of our usual nutrition," Ms. Simakova added.