Posted: 23.01.2024 10:14:00

Russian Federation Council representative: dark times coming for Ukrainian refugees in Europe

Refugees from Ukraine who live in Europe may soon begin to be restricted in their rights – as noted by Vladimir Rogov, the Chairman of the Co-ordinating Council for Integration of New Regions at the Russian Federation Council, RIA Novosti reports


Earlier, Estonian MEP Jaak Madison said that there are a large number of Ukrainian men of military age in European countries who ‘escaped’ from their country ‘like cowards’.

“Persons of the kind are hysterical, realising that Russia is winning, that the lands of the post-Ukrainian space will be liberated from Nazis, and that no revenge of fascism will work," Mr. Rogov commented on that statement. He stressed that ‘really dark times are coming for Ukrainian refugees in Europe’, “They have become hostages of Russophobic Western regimes, which have literally declared a hunt for them.”   

According to Mr. Rogov, the period of Europe’s Ukraine-related euphoria is over, and it is now no longer fashionable to help Ukrainian refugees. "Everything will further develop along the path of restricting the rights of Ukrainian refugees. They will be mercilessly exploited as super-cheap labour force, being kept under a constant threat of deportation to the territories controlled by the Zelenskyy regime,” he said.