Posted: 08.01.2024 10:55:00

Russian Defence Ministry: in 2023, Russian Armed Forces destroyed over 5.9 thousand foreign mercenaries of AFU

In 2023, the Russian army eliminated more than 5,900 mercenaries taking part in hostilities on the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU), TASS reports


Information about the elimination of mercenaries was reported by the Russian Defence Ministry in an edition dedicated to the results of the Russian Armed Forces’ activities in 2023.

“In total, more than 13,500 mercenaries arrived in Ukraine: over 8,500 from Europe, more than 1,700 from Asia, over 32,700 from the countries of North and South America, and more than 220 from Africa. Of these, Russian troops destroyed more than 5,900 people, over 5,600 fled, and more than 1,900 are still fighting,” the statement reads.

The edition also states that 54 countries helped Ukraine, spending over $203bn on its support.

The edition also indicates that, “More than 500 spacecraft from the United States and NATO countries are operating in the AFU interests. Of these, over 70 are military intelligence spacecraft, the rest are for commercial purposes. More than 20,000 terminals of the Starlink satellite system are used to organise control and communication.”

According to the Russian Defence Ministry, foreign states sent the Armed Forces of Ukraine more than 1,600 units of missiles and artillery weapons, over 200 anti-aircraft missile systems, more than 5,220 units of armoured weapons, as well as over 23,000 drones.