Posted: 28.12.2022 15:02:00

Refugee corpse found near Polish fence on Belarus’ border

On the night of December 27th, Belarusian border guards found a Syrian citizen near the Polish barriers. As reported by the State Border Committee in its Telegram channel, next to the man was the corpse of his daughter, also a Syrian citizen.

The foreigner said that he and his daughter had been in Poland for three days and later had been detained by people in uniform. The man asked the Polish military to help his daughter because she was in critical condition. The refugee also said that Polish security forces had taken their backpacks with personal and warm things, food, put them in a car and brought them to the border.

“Despite the fact that the woman was dying and was almost not breathing, the Polish military ordered the foreigner to put her on his shoulders and forced them out through a gate in the fence,” the State Border Committee reported.

In order to establish all the circumstances of the incident, an investigative and operational group was sent to the scene.

According to the State Border Committee, this has become the seventh death on the border with Poland since the beginning of 2022. A week ago, on December 20th, a man's corpse was also found near the gate in the Polish fence. Earlier, the bodies of the refugees were found by Belarusian border guards on April 3rd, October 2nd, November 19th, 21st and 23rd.