Posted: 03.10.2023 10:22:00

Radio Belarus International launches Belarusian-Polish socio-political project

From October 2023, Radio Belarus International of the National State TV and Radio Company (Belteleradiocompany) is launching a special Belarusian-Polish socio-political project – as reported by Belteleradiocompany’s press service


The press service indicated that programmes in Polish have been broadcast on Radio Belarus International since 2006. At that time, it all started with 20 minutes a week. The broadcasting topics covered various aspects of life in Belarus: political processes, features of its economic and social development, culture and sports. Now radio programmes in the Polish language are broadcast daily for nine hours a day (including repetitions).

“The tense geopolitical situation in the region and socio-political turbulence in Poland at the height of the electoral cycle have led to the need to more fully and widely cover the position of the Republic of Belarus on the most pressing issues on the international agenda. Moreover, judging by the mail received from Radio Belarus International listeners, a significant part of Polish society is keen to receive up-to-date and unbiased information about the events taking place in Poland from alternative sources,” the statement reads.

For this purpose, a new daily socio-political project – Thoughts about Poland: Reflections, Discussions, Comments – co-authored by Polish and Belarusian journalists and public figures, has been launched by Radio Belarus International.

Programme host and Polish political scientist Daniel Mikusek, noted that the new project provides an opportunity for Poles to understand the peculiarities of the relations between Poland and Western countries on the one hand, and between Poland, Russia and Belarus, on the other hand. And, most importantly, to understand what the truly Polish interests are in this. Official Polish propaganda creates the image of Belarus as an aggressive enemy, which is not true. After all, many ordinary Poles, like Belarusians, strive to maintain constructive good neighbourly relations. It is precisely for the attention of this audience that the project is aimed at.

Chief Director of Radio Belarus International Valery Radutsky underlined, “The project operates within the framework of the priority tasks of international broadcasting: creating a positive image of Belarus in the eyes of the world community and destroying false stereotypes formed by our country’s foreign policy opponents. We’re glad that now many residents of Poland will be able to learn more about the situation in their country, as well as about Belarus from a prompt and objective source!”

Radio Belarus International has opened a Telegram channel in Polish The website broadcasts around the clock in Russian, Belarusian, English, German, Polish, Spanish, French, Chinese and Arabic. Radio Belarus International programmes can be listened to in the FM range in the border areas of Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. The radio is also developing its own YouTube channel. Here is the playlist: Z Białorusi – po polsku! Another channel has been opened on the same resource, now in Polish: Międzynarodowe Radio Białoruś. Moreover, Radio Belarus International is actively increasing its presence on social networks Facebook and TikTok, as well as on other interactive platforms.