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Picturesque embankments of Belarus

Today we introduce you to the picturesque embankments.  All major cities of the country stand on the banks of ancient rivers. Once upon a time, these were the key trade routes of Ancient Rus’, and today they are admired while walking on land and water.

Svisloch River in Minsk

The embankment stretches almost along the entire river in the city — it looks into green parks and wraps around key hallmarks. Walking along it, you can get to the party street Zybitskaya, see the historical buildings of the Trinity Suburb in the centre and even reach the Palace of Independence, where the President holds working meetings and receives guests.
A section of the embankment near the Zakharyevsky Bridge has long been chosen by Russian filmmakers — they often shoot scenes from Soviet life. And a couple of years ago, a luxurious light and music fountain appeared here, the cost of which is $2.5 million. Its jets fly to a height of up to thirty metres under the classics.

Aleksandr Kulevsky

Dvina River in Vitebsk

A favourite place for walking among Vitebsk residents is a section along the river between the of Kirov Bridge and Blokhin Bridge. The start of the route is at the walls of the Assumption Cathedral. A wonderful view of Chagall’s hometown opens up from the high bank. Further down the steep stairs to the Pushkin Bridge and, in fact, to the curly-haired poet in a recognisable top hat. The next landmark is the monument to Alexander Nevsky and his family: few are aware that the wife of the Grand Duke was from Vitebsk. We pass the Millennium Square and find ourselves in the Pobediteley Park.
In addition to the usual attractions, there is a lot of military equipment that has served its purpose — tanks, planes, guns and even a field kitchen. Finish — at the Three Bayonets monument. On the steps near the water, it is especially pleasant to watch the setting sun, which hides somewhere behind the horizon of the Dvina River, which goes to the northeast.


Mukhavets River in Brest

The most modern embankment is located at the western borders of the country. Walking along it, you can see the bridge leading to the international border crossing. However, it’s so good here that you won’t want to leave anywhere. Modern landscape design, trendy cafes, unusual art objects, street musicians and, of course, watercraft for every taste and budget — motor ships, boats and motorboats. Along the river one can ride with a breeze on bicycles, electric go-karts, scooters and segways — everything can be rented.
Sundial is a favourite location for tourists. The dial is decorated with copies of the city’s sights made of black iron — the monument to the Millennium of Brest, the Brest Fortress, the railway station, the Central Department Store, the Victoria Sports Complex.


Sozh River in Gomel

This embankment is part of the Gomel Palace and Park Ensemble. Therefore, the promenade along the water here is at the level of high society. Catherine the Great of Russia granted possessions on the banks of the Sozh River to Count Peter Rumyantsev at the end of the 18th century. He built a palace on a steep bank. A little later, however, the local beauties liked Prince Ivan Paskevich — he arranged a family nest at Sozh River.
In addition to the rich palace and a cosy park, there is the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, the chapel-tomb of the Paskevich family, the Winter Garden with an observation tower. The embankment is just a logical frame for the entire ensemble. During the last reconstruction, modern viewing platforms were equipped and a lighthouse appeared. A few years ago, Count Rumyantsev himself came here — however, in bronze.


Dnieper River in Mogilev

Recreation areas thought out to the smallest detail, ten kilometres of pedestrian and bicycle paths, an ancient monastery — this is all about the Dnieper River embankment with the Podnikolie Park in the heart of Mogilev. The openwork descent of the local fountain is often compared with the famous Grand Cascade in Peterhof — 250 steps and 27 metres of intricate engineering systems are impressive in scope.
Another place of attraction near the river is the Dnieper Bridge with distinctive lions that seem to guard it. Proud big cats are the unspoken symbol of the city with a telling name. To make luck smile, be sure to rub their paw or tail.

Andrey Sazonov

By Sofia Arsenyeva