Posted: 25.03.2022 11:57:00

Petrovsky: Poland questions WWII results

The Polish leadership questions the results of World War II – as stated by political expert Piotr Petrovsky in his talk with Alfa Radio while commenting on demolition of the Red Army soldiers’ monument in Poland

Programme host Polina Konoga recalled that the monument had been dismantled during a live TV broadcast. Its five-pointed star with a hammer and a sickle on was torn off in the presence of the Head of the Institute of National Remembrance, Karol Nawrocki, other officials and representatives of local authorities. The monument destruction then began. Mr. Nawrocki stated then that ‘there is no place for a red star in the public space of free, independent and democratic Poland; there is no place for red stars in the public space of free Europe’.

“The Polish leadership’s statements once again confirm that the issues of denazification should be raised not only in relation to Ukraine. It is no secret that a fascist regime operated in interwar Poland. Modern followers of Piłsudski – who are in power now – demonstrate that ‘free’ Europe is censoring the history. This policy of Poland – which acts as a scoffer of the collective West and, primarily, of NATO – is aimed at aggressive suppression of the states that [link] their traditions with the Great Patriotic War and the value of victory," Mr. Petrovsky emphasised.

According to the expert, this act of the Polish authorities affects not only historical issues, “These are the issues of the Potsdam system of international relations. Poland questions the results of World War II and the right of Russia, Belarus and other heirs of the Soviet Union to be called the victorious countries – that is, to participate in the UN Security Council and have the appropriate statuses. This is producing a tail of consequences. Poland and the collective West have been doing this [distorting history] purposefully since 1991, because, in their opinion, the Potsdam system of international relations should have been abolished after the USSR collapse. They brazenly equate the Soviet Union with the Third Reich. Meanwhile, who signed the Munich Agreement? Who supplied petrol, diesel fuel and certain components for military equipment there [to Germany]? Initially, it was the Great Britain, and then it was followed by the grandfather of US President George W. Bush and his company which provided the Third Reich with fuel.”