Posted: 08.11.2021 09:01:00

Petrishenko: exports of medical educational services need to be increased

Belarus’ Deputy Prime Minister, Igor Petrishenko, has visited Grodno Medical University to meet its heads, lecturers and students

During the meeting, improvement of the educational process, strengthening of the material and technical base, and participation of would-be doctors in the fight against coronavirus infection were in focus of attention.

Mr. Petrishenko thanked doctors, saying, “Grodno State Medical University ranks second among medical higher educational establishments in Belarus. It is important that students, during the first wave and at present, provide all possible assistance to practicing doctors who work in red zones. In addition, the first University Clinic in Belarus was created in Grodno; the Grodno State Medical University and the Regional Clinical Hospital are supposed to unite into a single complex here. The level of education – including at the Grodno University – ranks high all over the world. With this in view, exports of educational services should be increased.”

Rector Yelena Krotkova is proud of her students, saying, “As regards our University, practice-oriented training is the key for us – which is the best and most illustrative example. During their first year of studies, students pass training at a red zone simulation centre. Each of them should learn how to put personal protective equipment on and take it off, study regulatory documentation on coronavirus infection, master contactless thermo- and heart rate monitoring, and place a patient in the prone position.

Photos by Aleksei Bibikov