Posted: 16.01.2024 11:06:00

Opinion: US wants to weaken other countries and get lithium through war in Ukraine

The United States destroys countries and involves them in conflicts not for the sake of achieving democracy or protecting interests, but in order to obtain economic and political benefits, and the war in Ukraine was no exception – as agreed by all experts of the Belarus 1 TV channel’s Club of Editors

According to Oleg Gaidukevich, a deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, the United States launched a war in Ukraine in order to weaken other countries. “Let's look at the history. The United States destroyed Iraq not for the sake of democracy, but to take its oil. Yugoslavia was bombed in order to gain control over Europe. Ukraine is being destroyed now. What can be taken from the latter? Actually, everything has already been taken away – including land, enterprises, and the economy. The only reason they started a war there was that they wanted to weaken Russia, Europe and China," he stressed.

In turn, Vladimir Pertsov, Belarus’ Information Minister, noted that lithium could be another cause of the war, “One of the reasons why they had been strangling and attacking was lithium. It is not yet mined to the surface, and it is a new oil and a new gold now. What is the reason for the present unrest in Belgrade? It is rooted in large deposits found there. Lithium is also available in Germany, but this country does not want an environmental disaster. Meanwhile, new territories can be strangled and ravaged, and various troubles can be brought there.”