Posted: 13.09.2023 16:11:00

Opinion: ordinary Ukrainians to suffer due to supplies of depleted uranium shells to Kiev

Pumping Kiev with depleted uranium ammunition will lead to a colossal tragedy for Ukraine – as noted by Ivan Eismont, the Chairman of the Belarusian State TV and Radio Company, in his talk with Alfa Radio

Earlier, Reuters cited its own sources in reporting that the US President Administration may soon announce the first deliveries of armour-piercing shells with depleted uranium to Kiev.

“Brits have already delivered [depleted uranium shells], and there are rumours that they were destroyed at a warehouse in western Poland, and the radiation cloud spread around Western Ukraine and headed to the European Union. I think these shells will have the same fate, but Ukrainians, their territory and ecology will suffer. American companies will simply empty their warehouses, while shells will most likely be destroyed with high-precision weapons in their warehouses," Mr. Eismont suggested.

As noted by the expert, Ukrainian taxpayers will have to pay for this, “Already now it has all reached such a stage that it has become useless to reason. It was necessary to reason a year and a half or two years ago, when the special operation began; when [Russian President Vladimir] Putin asked for security guarantees, but they did not give those guarantees, saying that there would be no more talks on the topic; and when [Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelenskyy announced a withdrawal from the Budapest Memorandum. There was a threat that Ukraine would deploy nuclear weapons on its territory. Let me remind you that, in the first days of the special military operation, there was a proposal to negotiate, and there were talks then – initially, on the territory of Belarus and then in Turkiye. An agreement was almost reached, and its terms were fairly good. Only the Crimean issue was not fully unsettled for Ukraine, its territory was not given away. However, a command followed to end up with everything.”

Along with this, Mr. Eismont speculated about the future prospects of the special military operation, “Everything is developing in such a way that the special operation will continue in winter; there will be a certain calm period, taking into account the fact that rain and snow will not allow serious offensive actions. The parties will continue acting next year, and I think there will be a new wave of mobilisation in Ukraine. Perhaps the same thing will happen in Russia, because Kiev is increasing its armed forces. I think the main events will happen next year. No one will sit down at the negotiating table.”