Posted: 24.01.2024 15:03:00

Opinion: National Security Concept is key to Belarus’ further successful development

New challenges and threats, ongoing military conflicts, the deployment of NATO troops closer to the country’s borders force Belarusians to respond adequately. The ability of everyone to defend their Homeland is coming to the fore. Accordingly, close attention is being paid to the consideration of two important documents: the draft National Security Concept and Military Doctrine. As noted by President Aleksandr Lukashenko at the recent meeting of the Security Council, they will be approved by the Belarusian People's Congress.

Political expert Piotr Petrovsky commented, “The economy is in the concept’s forefront, among the main highlighted areas of the country's security: political, economic, scientific and technological, social, demographic, information, military, environmental, and biological. Food security is of particular importance in modern conditions. Look, in particular, at Ukraine: it has come to the point that some AFU soldiers have already to catch pigeons and cook soup from them. Look also at Africa: Ukrainian grain is not being supplied there, and some countries experience famine. Such examples indicate that these states lack a strategic and systematic approach to the most important issues for the state and its population. However, to a greater extent, the countries that provoke the creation of such a barbaric situation and use it for their own purposes are to blame. In Belarus, the National Security Concept is in the way of such developments, and it is not only the key to the functioning of the state at a proper level, but also contributes to its further development.”