Posted: 06.04.2024 14:11:58

Novitsky's daughter: I'm glad my father is back, hope everything is fine and look forward to meet him in person

The correspondents were following the stages of landing from the screen of the Main Flight Control Room of the Russian segment of the ISS in the Mission Control Centre, the scientific research division of TsNIIMash JSC in Korolev, which is part of the Roscosmos structure. At exactly 10:17 Moscow time, the Soyuz MS-24 international crew landed south-east of the Kazakh city of Jezkazgan. At 10:42, Oleg Novitsky, Marina Vasilevskaya and Loral O'Hara were taken out of the capsule – to be immediately examined by doctors. Oleg Novitsky's eldest daughter, Yana, was also following all today's stages.

The lady asked her father not only about his state of health, but also about the flight. “I got to know about the photo he had received a couple of minutes after being taken out of the capsule. My father liked it, he said my sister and I made him very happy,” she said.

Today's following of the broadcast at the Mission Control Centre was not the first one for Yana, but – as she admitted – that was an exciting experience, as ever.

“That was like the first time! I already feel happy, because I always watch the launch, docking, and landing. I understand that my dad flies into space, but a small part of me still cannot get used to it. I am very glad that he is back, I hope everything was fine. I am looking forward to our meeting,”

Yana also revealed some post-flight traditions in the Novitsky family, “First of all, we meet and I cook some delicious food for my father. This time we have draniki. I have cooked them myself and will bring them to the place where my father stays. Our family wish to meet him and Marina Vasilevskaya worthily.”